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Discover the Hidden Gem of Jeju island : Hallim Resort for Jeju Travel

Join me as I share my honest experience at Hanlim Resort in Jeju. Perfectly situated near Hyopjae Beach, this resort is a serene getaway for families and travelers alike. From its convenient location to the breathtaking ocean view rooms, Hanlim Resort promises comfort, quality, and memorable moments. Dive into my review to find out why it’s my top pick for accommodations in West Jeju!

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A Hidden Gem Near Jeju’s Jungmun Tourist Complex: Hanghae Jinmi

Enjoy a special meal with the stunning view of the South Sea of Jeju right before your eyes at Hanghae Jinmi, Jeju Island.
Recommendation for foodies: Hanghae Jinmi is a must-visit on your Jeju Olle Trail journey. If hunger strikes while exploring, this is the place to indulge in Jeju’s finest flavors.

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