Jeju’s Ocean View Restaurants, Jeju’s Jungmun Tourist Complex: Hanghae Jinmi

Jeju Seafood Cuisine
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Jeju’s Jungmun Tourist Complex

One of the highlights of a trip to Jeju Island is undoubtedly indulging in the local flavors.

Nestled close to the Jungmun Tourist Complex, Hanghae Jinmi invites you to a dual experience of Jeju’s taste and beauty, all with the best ocean view the island has to offer.


Jeju Jungmun Tourist Complex Restaurants 1 Jeju Jungmun Tourist Complex Restaurants 2

Accessibility and Convenience

Located along Jungmun Tourist Road in Seogwipo City, Hanghae Jinmi is easily accessible with the use of the Pacific Resort’s parking lot.

An exclusive ocean view elevator takes you down to the yacht marina, giving off the illusion of being in a Mediterranean yacht harbor.

Open daily from 12:00 to 22:00 and offering the convenience of takeout, it caters to all your dining needs.


Jeju’s Premier Ocean View Dining

Hanghae Jinmi boasts the ultimate ocean view near the Jungmun Complex, allowing you to directly gaze upon the sea.

Through the wide-screen glass windows, you can enjoy the fresh delicacies of Jeju while being surrounded by the expansive blue ocean.

A Hidden Gem Near Jeju's Jungmun Tourist Complex: Hanghae Jinmi A Hidden Gem Near Jeju's Jungmun Tourist Complex: Hanghae Jinmi A Hidden Gem Near Jeju's Jungmun Tourist Complex: Hanghae Jinmi


Fresh Seafood and an Open Kitchen

As you enter the restaurant, an open kitchen unfolds before your eyes.

Chefs are seen preparing fresh sushi, sashimi, and a variety of cooked seafood dishes.

The display of fresh seafood and the exhibition of shells and abalones add to the authentic dining experience.

A Hidden Gem Near Jeju's Jungmun Tourist Complex: Hanghae Jinmi

Jeju Ocean View Dining

The Emperor’s Plate: A Special Banquet

Available in limited quantities, the Emperor’s Plate is a lavish array of Jeju’s finest offerings, including sashimi, sushi, lobster sashimi, and spicy seafood soup. This special feast is sure to be a highlight of your visit to Jeju Island.


Photo Time and Memorable Moments

After placing your order, you can enjoy a splendid photo opportunity against the backdrop of the vast ocean.

Dining with the view of Jeju’s clear and blue sea through the large windows while savoring fresh seafood is a luxury unique to this location.

Jeju Seafood Cuisine Jeju Seafood Cuisine Jeju Seafood Cuisine

The Essence of Jeju’s Ocean View Restaurants

While there are many ocean view restaurants in Jeju, few offer the beautiful scenery and fresh seafood that you can enjoy at Hanghae Jinmi. It’s the perfect spot to satiate your hunger after a tour of the Jungmun Complex, a yacht experience at Shangri-La Marina, or a walk along the Olle trail.

Recommendation for foodies: Hanghae Jinmi is a must-visit on your Jeju Olle Trail journey. If hunger strikes while exploring, this is the place to indulge in Jeju’s finest flavors.



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