Traditional Korean Restaurant, Discovering the Delights of Korean Cuisine at Mikodam in Bucheon Introduction

Korean Cuisine at Mikodam in Bucheon
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Discovering the Delights of Korean Cuisine at Mikodam in Bucheon Introduction

When it comes to celebrating special occasions, nothing beats a gathering around a table filled with delicious food. This is exactly what we experienced at Mikodam, a renowned Korean traditional restaurant in Bucheon, where we celebrated my father’s birthday. Finding a place that offers a satisfying meal without breaking the bank can be a challenge, but Mikodam stood out as a gem worth recommending.

Korean Cuisine at Mikodam in Bucheon


A Family Feast with Authentic Korean Set Meals

Korean Cuisine at Mikodam in Bucheon

Nestled in the heart of Bucheon, Mikodam offers a cozy yet spacious setting perfect for family gatherings.

We chose the four-person set meal, which included a variety of dishes such as LA Galbi, shrimp and abalone sauce, abalone seaweed soup, and mackerel.

To our delight, they even provided a complimentary Yukjeon (Korean style meat pancake) when they learned we were celebrating a birthday.


Menu Highlights and Prices

Cockle Bibimbap (with vinegar or soy sauce seasoning): 16,000 KRW Various types of seaweed soup ranging from 13,000 to 19,000 KRW Yukjeon and shrimp abalone sauce: 15,000 KRW each LA Galbi: 35,000 KRW

Set Menu Options

2-person set: 46,000 KRW

3-person set: 62,000 KRW

4-person set: 92,000 KRW

Each set comes with a selection of seaweed soup, cockle bibimbap, side dishes, and a refreshing Sikhye (traditional sweet rice drink) service.


A Culinary Experience Worth Every Won

The attention to detail in every dish was evident, and the side dishes were as impeccable as the main courses. The cockle bibimbap, with its choice of seasoning, was a standout, and the seaweed soup was rich and comforting. The LA Galbi was tender and flavorful, a testament to the quality of the ingredients used.


Conveniently Coupled with a Café

An added bonus to Mikodam’s location is the café situated just below the restaurant. ‘Dal On Gi’ offers a spacious area to enjoy a post-meal coffee or snack, making it a hassle-free experience without the need to move your car for a change of scenery.


Mikodam is not just a meal; it’s an experience that brings families together.

With its reasonable prices and high-quality dishes, it’s a place that deserves to be bookmarked for future family feasts or hosting guests.

If you’re ever in Bucheon, make sure to give Mikodam a visit for an authentic Korean dining experience.

Mikodam Bucheon Branch Information:

Address: 24 Gilju-ro 561beon-gil, Bucheon-si (Yeowol-dong) Open Year-Round

Business Hours: 11:00 AM – 9:30 PM

Reservation Inquiry: 0507-1388-0400


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