Food Invasion of Lamb Restaurants: A New Lamb Cuisine Adventure at ‘La Mu Jin’ in Yeongjong island

LaMuJin_ LambRestaurant
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Hello, it’s FlavorFrontierMarshal! I’m back on my journey to discover gastronomic gems, and today, I’ve descended upon a unique lamb restaurant in the new city of Yeongjong Sky City called ‘La Mu Jin.’

About Yeongjong island


The operatin hour of unique lamb restaurant in the Yeongjong island

Operating hours are relatively short – 17:00 to 23:00. You may think it’s a downside, but for me, it only magnifies their confidence in their food. It’s like they’re saying, “We’ll serve you until we run out of the best we’ve got.” And, oh boy, do they deliver!

La Mu Jin the lamb cuisine in yeongjong do
La Mu Jin the lamb cuisine in yeongjong do, korean lamb restaurant

La mu Jin, Korean Lamb cooking restaurant & The first impressions of restaurant 

Nestled in the bustling vicinity of Jinro Mart, La Mu Jin’s clean exterior mirrors the immaculate ambiance inside. The interior boasts a bar-like table setup. You can enjoy your meal watching the magic happen right in front of you as the staff expertly prepares your food.

La Mu Jin the lamb cuisine in yeongjong do, korean lamb restaurant


Speaking of the staff, they’ve mastered the fine art of service. Their engagement with customers is just right, neither intrusive nor distant. They guide you through the best cuts and how to enjoy them, making the lamb experience even more vivid.

The quality of the lamb is exceptional.

And the cooking skills – truly remarkable. You can savor succulent medium-cooked lamb ribs, thanks to their top-notch grilling techniques.

The quality of the lamb is exceptional. Lamb, generally known for its gamey flavor, isn’t commonly consumed in Korean households. But at La Mu Jin, Yeongjong Sky City branch, it’s a whole different story. The lamb is incredibly tender and sophisticated, making it a more refreshing choice than beef.

A Lamb Cuisine 

Personal recommendation? Try the Lamb French Rack (32,000 KRW). This superior rib cut oozes rich flavors and juices with every bite.

The Genghis Khan Lamb Rib (31,000 KRW) is another delectable option. Made from the tender flesh attached to the shoulder rib bone, it has just the right amount of marbling. The meat is juicy, tender, and slightly chewier than the French Rack, which is super soft to the bite.


The Conclusion about La Mu Jin, the stunning lamb cooking in Yeongjong.

Once you’ve had your share of the meat, they grill some bean sprouts as a palate cleanser. I’d also recommend coupling your lamb feast with garlic rice. It’s a delightful combination, and for just 3,000 KRW a bowl, it’s a steal!

Stay tuned for more food invasions. FlavorFrontierMarshal, signing off!

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