Unveiling the Astonishing Aspects of South Korea: Part 1

Navigating with Ease: South Korea's Efficient Public Transportation System
Navigating with Ease: South Korea's Efficient Public Transportation System
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Introduction: Astonishing Aspects of South Korea

Hello, everyone! Today, we will explore the top 10 things that foreigners find astonishing when they come to South Korea. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, with travel restrictions easing, many foreigners are now flocking to South Korea to experience its wonders firsthand. What may seem ordinary to us Koreans can be truly extraordinary and mind-boggling to visitors from abroad.

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The Kindness of South Korea

Let’s dive into the top 10 aspects that make foreigners truly amazed by South Korea. We’ll begin with “The Kindness of South Korea.” While Korean hospitality may be something we take for granted, foreigners often consider it one of the most surprising aspects of their visit. The warmth and kindness displayed by airport staff, public officials, and ordinary citizens leave a lasting impression on foreigners, making them appreciate it even more when they return to their own countries.


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24/7 Safety in South Korea

Next, we have “24/7 Safety in South Korea.” Convenience stores, bars, markets, karaoke rooms, PC rooms—these places and more often operate 24/7 in South Korea. This is a stark contrast to many other countries, where most establishments close their doors around 10 PM. Moreover, foreigners feel safer in South Korea, even when women travel alone at night, thanks to the low crime rates and the overall safe environment.


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Consideration for Pregnant Women and the Elderly in South Korea 

Moving on, we come to “Consideration for Pregnant Women and the Elderly.” South Korea’s subway system features priority seats for pregnant women and the elderly. This concept surprises foreigners, as they believe priority seats should only be given when someone in need boards the train. However, in South Korea, it is considered proper to offer these seats even if no one is immediately in need.


Clean Public Restrooms

Let’s talk about “Clean Public Restrooms” next. South Korea takes pride in maintaining clean public restrooms in parks, subway stations, markets, and other heavily frequented places. The cleanliness of these facilities astonishes foreigners, as many public restrooms in other countries are either unsanitary or require payment. In contrast, South Korean public restrooms are equipped with automatic lighting, soothing classical music, and provided with essential amenities such as toilet paper, bidets, and pleasant fragrances—all free of charge.


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Free Wi-Fi

Moving on to the fifth aspect, we have “Free Wi-Fi.” South Korea, renowned as an IT powerhouse, surprises foreigners with its extensive and fast Wi-Fi services. Free Wi-Fi is widely available in most public places such as airports, subways, buses, and cafes. Foreigners are amazed at the speed and accessibility of South Korea’s Wi-Fi, as many countries either provide paid Wi-Fi with slow speeds or lack reliable services altogether.


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South Korea’s public transportation system is recognized globally for its efficiency

Now, let’s explore “South Korea’s Public Transportation System.” South Korea’s public transportation system is recognized globally for its efficiency. One aspect that surprises foreigners is the integration of subway and bus systems using a single card. Additionally, the relatively low fares and the well-developed transfer system make commuting easy and affordable. Furthermore, South Korea allows the use of credit cards for transportation payments, a feature that astounds foreigners, particularly when they can pay for their taxi rides with credit cards.

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South Korea’s Dining Culture

Moving on to the seventh aspect, we have “South Korea’s Dining Culture.” Korean restaurant culture is another surprising element for foreigners. They often highlight the friendliness of restaurant staff, which foreigners sometimes attribute to the expectation of tips. However, South Korean restaurant staff are genuinely kind and attentive, regardless of the presence of tipping culture. Additionally, foreigners are astounded by the variety of complimentary side dishes (banchan) served with their meals. Refills are free and readily available, creating a truly astonishing dining experience.


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Civic Awareness among South Koreans

The eighth aspect we’ll discuss is “Civic Awareness among South Koreans.” South Koreans have experiences of leaving their belongings, such as smartphones, at a restaurant or cafe only to find them untouched upon returning. This kind of situation is unheard of for foreigners, who often assume that such items would be stolen. Similarly, leaving packages unattended at the doorstep in South Korea is something that surprises foreigners, as they find it remarkable that the items aren’t taken by others.


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South Korea’s Delivery Culture

Lastly, we have “South Korea’s Delivery Culture.” South Korea has a highly advanced delivery service, and this impresses foreigners greatly. Numerous delivery apps specialize in bringing food to people’s doorsteps, ensuring that orders arrive within 30 minutes in most cases. The speed and convenience of these services, along with the wide selection of food choices, astonish foreigners who may not have experienced such efficient delivery systems in their home countries.


In this first part, we have explored the top 10 aspects of South Korea that leave foreigners astonished. While these things may seem ordinary to us, they stand out as remarkable to visitors from abroad. South Korea has earned a reputation as a country that positively impresses foreigners in various aspects, and we hope to see continuous progress and development in the years to come. Stay tuned for Part 2, where we will delve into more surprising aspects of South Korea.


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