A Visit to the Eel BBQ Delight of Korea : Manmiga Eel Charcoal Barbecue restaurant

Eel is known as a stamina food that's excellent for enhancing vitality. But it's not just a functional food;
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freshwater eel charcoal barbecue restaurant in Siheung, South Korea

Eel restaurant with Eel BBQ in Korea

Hello, fellow food explorers! This is Kiroo, your culinary guide, and today we’re embarking on a journey to Siheung, Gyeonggi-do, to discover a hidden gem that serves one of the best energy-boosting dishes for the sweltering heat – eel.

We’re visiting Manmiga, a self-service freshwater eel restaurant located near Bucheon Starfield.

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Location of Eel Charcoal Barbecue restaurant

Situated in Gyesu-dong, Siheung, close to Okgil-dong, Bucheon, Manmiga Siheung Gyesu branch is a delightful spot to enjoy delicious freshwater eel charcoal barbecue.

The restaurant is conveniently located near Gwalim Reservoir, close to Gwangmyeong and Bucheon.

The area is quiet, with ample parking and easy access.

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Freshwater eel charcoal barbecue

Eel is known as a stamina food that’s excellent for enhancing vitality. But it’s not just a functional food; it’s also packed with protein and collagen, making it great for skin beauty.

The Menu of Eel Charcoal Barbecue restaurant

True to its reputation as an eel restaurant, Manmiga offers Korean freshwater eel in two sizes: 1 KG and a half-plate (500g).

A 1 KG serving is suitable for a group of four, while a half-plate is perfect for two.

Note that their cost-effective 5,000 KRW eel soup is only available from 11 AM to 3 PM.

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Fresh eel

The eel served here isn’t frozen or refrigerated; it’s fresh eel prepared from live eels on the same day.

You can enjoy the freshness and vitality of the eel, just like live fish.

Eel restaurant in korea

Tips for cooking Eel on Charcoal fire

The eel is grilled directly on a charcoal fire. The fire is quite strong, and the flames are intense, so the eel cooks quickly.

You need to flip it frequently to prevent it from burning and to ensure it’s cooked just right.

Grill eel yourself

Unlike other charcoal-grilled eel restaurants where skilled staff partially grill the eel for you, here, you have to grill it yourself.

The downside is that there’s no staff to help with the grilling, so it’s easy to burn the meat accidentally.

Enjoyed grilled eel 

We enjoyed a 1 KG serving of grilled eel with the family.

The eel was fresh, and the vegetables were crisp, making for a very satisfying and filling meal.

If you ever find yourself in Siheung, Gyeonggi-do, make sure to visit the self-service eel barbecue restaurant, Manmiga.

I highly recommend trying a plate of their fresh charcoal-grilled eel. Happy eating, everyone!





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