Serendipitous Discovery at J Bagel in Siheung, South Korea, a popular spot among locals for bagel

Interior of J Bajel in Siheung South Korea
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J Bagel in Siheung, South Korea

Hey everyone! Today, I want to share my delightful experience at Jay Bagel, a charming bakery café located in Jungwang-dong, Siheung.

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After a satisfying lunch nearby, I stumbled upon this cozy spot known for its delicious bagels and a variety of coffees, including cream latte.

The Cozy Ambiance of J Bagel

The café’s warm ambiance and the owner’s keen sense of interior decor instantly caught my attention. It’s a perfect spot for those who love snapping aesthetic pictures. The café was bathed in sunlight, making the wooden tables stand out even more, enhancing the café’s homely feel.

A Visual Treat: The Bagel Display

At the center of the café, there’s a display showcasing an array of tempting bagels, each emitting an inviting aroma that’s sure to stimulate your appetite.


The café’s interior was spacious and comfortable, offering a relaxed environment to enjoy our meal slowly. It seemed like J  Bagel was already a popular spot among locals for takeout, thanks to its reputation for fantastic bagels.


Our Tasty Orders

Our group opted for Toffinut Latte, Americano, and their signature Cream Latte.

And of course, we couldn’t resist trying their famously delicious bagels. They are all hand-made from scratch, which raised our expectations.


The Unique Taste of J Bagel

Not just the coffee, but the bagels too were exceptional.

They perfectly balanced chewiness and softness, a texture that I find myself reminiscing about even now.

Looking Forward to the Next Visit

I’m already planning my next visit, and I’m determined to take some bagels home next time. If you’re ever in Jungwang-dong, Siheung, and looking for a unique café experience, Jay Bagel is a must-try!

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Location of J Bagel in Siheung

Address: 1739-1 Jungwang-dong, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, 1st Floor Find it on Naver Map


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Stay tuned for more café recommendations around Siheung!

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