Hidden Gem Unveiled: Hadongkwan in COEX mall with Korean Tradition Culinary Experience

Hadongkwan in COEX

Korean Tradition Culinary Experience at COEX Mall


Hadongkwan: A Gomtang Legacy in COEX Mall


Discovering Hadongkwan: A Gomtang Legacy in COEX Mall

Finding Hadongkwan, the Gomtang Expert in COEX Mall Hadongkwan, a restaurant with a long history and tradition in Korea, is one of my surprising discoveries in COEX Mall.

Their main dish is Gomtang, a comforting Korean soup made from boiling various parts of the beef like bones, brisket, and oxtail.

Although Gomtang might not be a familiar dish to many foreigners, it’s a Korean staple that wraps you up in warm, homely feelings. While you might find Gomtang easily elsewhere, the depth of taste in the recipe of an established restaurant like Hadongkwan is unparalleled.


Hadongkwan: A Gomtang Legacy in COEX Mall


Taste the Tradition: Special Gomtang and Suyuk at Hadongkwan

Ordering the Special Gomtang and Medium Sized Suyuk In my visit, I opted for their special Gomtang and ordered a medium sized Suyuk, which is a dish of boiled beef slices and innards.

Taste the Tradition: Special Gomtang and Suyuk at Hadongkwan

The Gomtang here is clear and well-seasoned, so there’s no need for extra salt.

The soup had a clarity of taste that I have never experienced before in other Gomtang restaurants.

It’s an intriguing balance of richness from the beef broth, yet with a clean aftertaste. The Suyuk, served with thinly sliced meat and innards, had an excellent chewy texture and was flavorful without any hint of unpleasant smell that can sometimes be associated with innards.


Understanding the Premium: Prices at Hadongkwan

The Price Tag of Hadongkwan It’s worth noting that Hadongkwan is rather pricey for a Gomtang restaurant.

The price is easily double or even triple of what you would usually pay.

The special Gomtang comes in at 18,000 KRW and the medium sized Suyuk at 40,000 KRW.

Although the food is delicious, the portion size isn’t overwhelming, aligning it more with a fine dining experience than a regular hearty meal.


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Translate: Hadongkwan in COEX Mall is not a franchise but a directly managed store.


Efficiency Meets Quality: The Hadongkwan Dining Experience

Additional Information Hadongkwan in COEX Mall is quite popular during lunch hours, and you might spot a line of waiting customers. But don’t be deterred, as the turnover is quite fast, and the waiting time isn’t usually long. Moreover, the service is quick and efficient, with food served almost immediately after ordering. The side dishes are a bit sparse, with only a small plate of Kimchi and radish served per person.

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Conclusion: Embracing Korean Culinary Heritage at Hadongkwan

While the price tag is not on the friendly side for frequent visits, the experience of savoring the deep, rich taste of Gomtang and Suyuk at Hadongkwan is definitely something to try when visiting COEX Mall. Just remember, it’s not just about the food, it’s also about enjoying a piece of Korean culinary tradition.


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Amidst the bustling COEX Mall lies a treasure trove of Korean tradition: Hadongkwan, a restaurant steeped in the art of Gomtang. Their soup’s clear, seasoned broth and the tender Suyuk beckon you to indulge in a culinary experience that’s rich with flavor and history. While the prices reflect its upscale stature, a meal at Hadongkwan is more than just dining; it’s a journey through Korea’s gastronomic legacy.

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